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For that pleasurable experience of satiating your appetite lavishly and the opportunity to spoil yourself and your family, enter our dining section. Here, we offer you love, crafted into morsels of delicious lip smacking food.

Our chefs offer you a diverse selection of dishes from a range of cuisines. We take delight in seeing the after effects of a good eat, that satisfied smile on you. We ensure the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

Surabhi Restaurants

These restaurants serves a variety of epicurean delights both in vegetarian and non - vegetarian. Go ahead and order to your heart’s delight.

Private Dining

This marks that subtle but essential difference between Eating and Dining, and between feeding and Feasting. Welcome to the unique dining experiences of the Nizams, where meals are transformational experiences, as intricate as they are memorable. Where starry nights and twinkling city lights partner with gastronomic bliss, to carve out spiritual and sensorial events designed to elevate and uplift your senses.

Amazing restaurant. The food and service was just excellent. The ambience was just perfect for that special occasion that i was celebrating with my family and friends. Would love to come back again.

- Mr. Srinivas at Surabhi Pride, Hyderabad